The first thing to go is the itinerary. With all the planning I will never really understand all the variables that will come up. Topography, weather, stamina (or lack of stamina) are a feu things that will determine my progress. They following schedule is, therefore, a best guess.

This is my current projected camping locations. Be sure to view my daily entries to follow my progress. I may decide not to hike a full day, or to hike a little extra, or take a zero day (a day when I don’t hike at all). At Waldo Lake (or maybe Charlton Laker, I planned to be routed by car to Timothy Lake to finish up. It seems that limited access permits are now required in some areas and other areas are closed due to last year’s fire damage.

7/18/21Donomore Pass
7/19/21Long John Saddle
7/20/21Siskiyou Pass
7/21/21Hobart Bluff TH
7/22/21Hyatt Lake
7/23/21Burton Flat Rd
7/24/21Fish Lake
7/25/21Island Lake
7/26/21Seven Lakes Basin
7/27/21Stuart Falls Junction
7/28/21Mazama Village
7/29/21Grouse Hill
7/30/21Cascade Crest
7/31/21Thielson creek
8/1/21Maidu Lake
8/2/21Windigo Pass
8/3/21Crescent Lake
8/4/21Willamette Pass
8/5/21Bobby Lake
8/6/21Waldo Lake
8/8/21Timothy Lake (South)
8/9/21Wapinitia Pass
8/10/21Timberline Lodge
8/11/21Muddy Fork River
8/12/21Salvation Spring
8/13/217.5 Mile Camp
8/14/21Cascade locks